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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

@Arsenal Has Landed Their First Signing Under Unai Emery (Details)

@Arsenal Has Landed Their First Signing Under Unai Emery (Details)

Arsenal have announced their first signing in Stephan Lichtsteiner, but the best part about this has nothing to do with who he is.

Arsenal’s first summer signing has been formally announced – Stephan Lichtsteiner. Though for all intents and purposes, we knew good and well that he would be joining us at some point. Still, to have him made official is a load off because of what he brings.

We’ve talked at length about his veteran leadership, the pressure he puts on Hector Bellerin, the added security at a position that was pretty thin, and all of that mumbo jumbo, but let’s be honest here, the main reason why we should be thrilled about Lichtsteiner is that he is free.

Arsenal’s limited budget this summer has everyone a bit fidgety. Especially with the news that Aaron Ramsey‘s new contract will be taken out of the summer budget. Every penny saved is vital to the cause.

Lichsteiner signs for Arsenal

Lichtsteiner is a penny saved. While an additional rightback may not have been near the top of the to-do list, it was more important than we give it credit for. Bellerin’s underwhelming play last year cannot go unnoticed.

If you think about it, for zero transfer fee, the Gunners have acquired a veteran leader, a pressure cooker for Bellerin, a spot starter at a position that has only one body – all of these things, and they got it for free. That is smart business and it’s this kind of business that can help the Gunners navigate a transfer window with very limited budget.

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