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Friday, 23 February 2018

White House on lockdown after vehicle strikes security barrier (DETAILS)

The White House has been put on lockdown after a vehicle struck a security barrier.

Donald Trump was in the building at the time a female driver was apprehended, with the US President hosting Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday.

A white Chevrolet with a smashed window was pictured near a security barrier, while US TV showed an officer checking the underneath of the vehicle with a mirror.

It was reported a woman had been pulled out of the vehicle's window at gunpoint.

"This minivan came and crashed into the barricade and tried to push through the barricade and his tires were burning rubber and a lot of smoke was coming up," said eyewitness Chris Bello.

White House on lockdown after vehicle strikes security barrier (DETAILS)

"And then about 30 seconds after that the two security guards that were in the booth, you know, ordered him to stop doing what he was doing and he didn't listen."

The US Secret Service said on Twitter: "An individual driving a passenger vehicle struck a security barrier near the White House at 17th & E.

"The vehicle did not breach the security barrier of the White House complex.

"The female driver of the vehicle was immediately apprehended by Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers."

No law enforcement personnel were injured during the incident and no shots were fired, the US Secret Service added.

Nearby traffic was affected in Washington D.C. after surrounding streets were cordoned.

Eamon Havers, a Washington correspondent for CNBC, posted on Twitter: "White House has locked the press office doors, which are typically open all day.

"A few moments ago, I saw three uniformed Secret Service officers running toward the residence."

Noah Bierman, a White House reporter for the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, said the press room had since been opened.

Mr Turnbull remained at the White House while investigations took place.

More details to follow...

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