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Monday, 8 January 2018

Best Winter Date Ideas for The Cold Haters

At some corners of our magnificent world, winter can be the most beautiful and anticipated season. But let’s honest: no matter how mesmerizing the nature looks, sometimes the weather is just unbearable. There are few people who really enjoy spending hours in a cold, that’s why many of us hesitate to go on dates this time of the year. But there is the way out, of course.  Whether you chose dating a Philippine woman on pina dating or plan a romantic night with your sweetheart, these dating ideas will add some warmth and coziness.

Wine and Cheese Tasting. Some couples prefer to pay money for such degustation, but in a winter time there’s no desire to drive away from home to the city. Try to do it yourself. Surf the web in search of the best combinations of wine and cheese, visit the nearest market, and arrange the tasting right at your place. The drink will warm up both of you. The finest cheese in addition to wine will bring you a new gastronomical experience.

Movie Night. What about some entertainment on a date? Despite there are many holidays, there are also too many factors that affect on our mood: the lack of sunshine, wet and cold weather, melting snow, and others. Let yourself to forget about all of the adversity. Choose the most entertaining movies you know or always wanted to watch. It may be a movie franchise or a couple of different pictures of the same genre. The most important is you should enjoy it and distract from a coldness outside. We’ll give you a hint: a summer or a tropical setting in a film will be great.

Best Winter Date Ideas for The Cold Haters

Yoga or Fitness Session. Sport exercises suit to winter time like nothing else. Why? First of all, they warm up your body, keep it toned. Secondly, any sport activity positively affects on your mood, provides a rush of neurotransmitters, and even cures a depression. Therefore, find a video course of yoga or aerobics, invite your girlfriend, and enjoy funny trainings together. You can also do it regularly. If are not a big fan of sport, do it seldom but follow some schedule and later you will get more joy from it.

Bubble Bath. If you’ve ever dreamed about a romantic hours spent in a hot bath, then it’s high time to do it. Don’t forget about candles, rose petals, good music, and champagne. But we recommend you not to take a bottle or glasses to your bathroom. Use a plastic imitation of glass, it prevents from unexpected breaks that can ruin all romance.

Picnic at The Fireplace. A picnic is the most popular from the most extraordinary date ideas, but it is surely good for spring or summer. Nevertheless, we have a good substitution. If there’s a fireplace at your house, don’t waste your precious time and invite your girl on such unusual date. Don’t forget to buy some fruits, wine or juice, and make sandwiches. Another perfect option for your dinner – hot chocolate. If you don’t have a fireplace, use candles. A lot of candles! But be very careful with the open fire.

A Cooking Night. Due a constant cold in winter, people always suffer from hunger more often. To be honest, it is not a hunger itself, we just want to eat more, that’s all. So, why not to cook something special that can add warmth and love to your dating nigh? Chose the dishes for your dinner, buy ingredients, cook and eat it together. In the coldest days try to cook soups or roasted meat with a rich bouquet of spice. Of course, you can order some Indian or Chinese food delivery, but doing something together makes you closer. This is what dates are made for.
No matter what you chose for your home date in winter. Just take care of your dating partner and surround her with a special attention.

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