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Friday, 15 December 2017

How to choose an air conditioner?

How to choose an air conditioner?

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our life without air conditioner. And when it comes to choosing an air conditioner for your home, it is crucial to make the right decision, because it will affect the time it will serve you and the comfort you will get from using it.

The range of air conditioners in the stores is impressive! And yet the wall split-systems are the most popular. Experts consider this type of air conditioners the best option for apartments. We believe that this type of air conditioners has deserved their popularity because the wall split systems have many advantages!
High efficiency, low cost compared to other types climate equipment, low noise level, simple design and an easy installation. So, in this post we will have a look at the main features of this type of air conditioner, which allow them to create maximum comfort and cosines in apartment.

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How to choose an air conditioner?

Auto mode. Depending on the external and internal temperatures the air conditioner automatically sets the operation mode.

Auto restart. This is the necessary function if you the power failures happen quite often at your home. After it turns on, it automatically starts working in the mode specified earlier.

Dehumidification without changing the temperature is especially important at a time of increased humidity.

How to choose an air conditioner?

Sleep mode is a night mode. It takes cares about the comfort sleep: works more quietly, supports a specific temperature and saves energy.

Quiet mode is a silent mode. This feature allows you to easily lower the noise level that is generated by the enabled split-system.

Economy – economy mode reduces power and thus helps reduce energy consumption.
Powerful. Air conditioning is available on an expedited mode in order to cool air in the shortest period.

Timer can be set for 24 hours. It is very convenient, because you can set the time for “on” and “off”.
Swing flap. The feature is intended to distribute the airflow. When it is turned on, the binds are not fixed in one position, but continuously shake.

Memory flap. You selected the optimal angle of the blinds and they are locked in this position.

How to choose an air conditioner?

In addition, air conditioners are equipped with various filters that purify air: air, coal and electrostatic. Air filter retard dust, electrostatic filter attracts tiny particles, charcoal filter neutralizes odors. Each model can have additional air purification systems. In general, split-systems have all the qualities to create the perfect climate in the house!

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