Friday, 15 December 2017

Ahead Of 2019 Elections, Number Of Political Parties In Nigeria Climbs To 67

Ahead Of 2019 Elections, Number Of Political Parties In Nigeria Climbs To 67

Ahead of the 2019 general election, 21 new political parties have been registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), bringing the number to 67.

The approvals, according to a statement from May Agbmuche-Mbu, an INEC National Commissioner and Member of its Information and Voter Education Committee, were granted at the Commission's weekly meeting held here Thursday.

She said the associations were registered as political parties because they had fulfilled the constitutional requirements for registration as such.

The 21 new political parties include:
 All Blending Party (ABP), All Grassroots Alliance (AGA), Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), Coalition for Change (C4C) and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria (GDPN), Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP), Legacy Party of Nigeria (LPN), Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA), Modern Democratic Party (MDP), National Interest Party (NIP), National Rescue Mission (NRM) and New Progressive Mission (NPM).

Others are New Progressive Movement (NPM), Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP), People's Alliance for National Development and Liberty (PANDEL), People's Trust (PT), Providence People's Congress (PPC), Re-Build Nigeria Party (RBNP), Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP) and Sustainable National Party (SNP).

The commission also approved immediate and compulsory retirement of a member of staff and the dismissal of two others in the Commission's Kogi office over an act of gross misconduct. It said that the action was taken against the three members of staff over their involvement in alleged double registration in the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR).

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