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Friday, 10 November 2017

Top 10 Most Effective Diets

Did you pants become a size smaller? I have to frustrate you that pants are not the point. Your
body mass is likely to get out of control and extra pounds have accommodated in belly and hips
- the most vulnerable spots of the body. Another reason may foresee a controlled weight gain if
your target is to increase musculature. Let’s be honest, it refers to the first reason since people
suffering from overweight are usually interested in effective diets.

The following list comprises ten best solutions with different terms. So, before typing in the
search bar “how to start a Paleo diet”, have a look at these options that may be quite effective
for your needs.


A decent argument to choose this diet is its developer. The US National Institutes of Health has
created the plan envisaging the reduction of fat and salt amid the increase of veggies and fruits
in the ration. Though, a tremendous effect is promised, not every user can follow strict
restrictions of the DASH.

Top 10 Most Effective Diets

Atkins Diet

The idea of this plan is to reduce carbs and minimize protein and fat in the ration. Such
controversial solution provides around fifteen pounds of weight loss within a half of a month. Not
bad. Yet, experienced users claim that the bulk of the lost weight accounts for water.

Eco-Atkins Diet

The above-mentioned plan is so popular that its analog for vegans and vegetarians was
developed. It is designed for long-term perspective (two years). The performance of the
program is supported by diet experts.

Dukan Diet

The plan is rather interesting and sophisticated. It cannot be called short-term since all four
stages of Dukan Diet can last for a couple of months. If you choose this option, be prepared to
the strict limitations and numerous rules. The main thing is not to get lost during all these

Health Management Resources Program

The name of the plan is usually abbreviated as HMR. In fact, the option is perfect for fast results
within a limited period of time. Versatile shakes, nutrition bars, meal replacements along with a
regular muscular load and organic food provide a tremendous efficiency and great results.


No, it is not the score of a soccer game. Five plus two equals seven. So, you should understand
that the week is the point. The idea of the plan is to choose two non consecutive days with a
significantly reduced daily rate of kcal namely six hundred for male users and five hundred for
females. Effectiveness lies in simplicity.

Mediterranean Diet

This option is highly praised by dieticians and various experts. People living on the shore of the
Mediterranean Sea consume a plenty of veggies, olive oil, fish, and whole grains. Unfortunately,
it is difficult to find any guidelines on this plan. So, be prepared for some unrestricted work.

Jenny Craig

If you dislike self-guided solutions, Jenny Craig diet is your choice. This plan offers prepacked
meals, as well as recipes, to assist in your fight against the overweight. It is rather effective in
the short-term perspective.

Three-Week Diet

According to the name, you understand the duration of the plan. And what about the
performance? It is said that 23lbs of fat within the mentioned period is an achievable result. In a
nutshell, several diet plans are mixed and divided into four stages.

Raw Food Diet

Choosing this option is a serious step since you have to forget about pans, microwaves, ovens,
as well as versatile processed foods and products. Besides, the kcal rate will be cut almost
twofold. Not everyone can endure such challenge. However, it promises the reduction of weight.

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