Saturday, 14 October 2017

Jurgen Klopp Slams Jose Mourinho for Parking the Bus at Anfield

Just like last season, Manchester United at Liverpool resulted in a tedious, uninspiring goalless draw. Obviously neither team won, but we know who lost- the viewers and fans. For those watching the game, and following along on social media, they had to get really creative to find entertainment value from this one.

Slamming United legend and current announcer Phil Neville was one way they did so.

After the match, each manager blamed the other one for what had transpired, as both United boss Jose Mourinho and Liverpool leader Jurgen Klopp said their adversary’s defensive-minded tactics prevented any scoring from ever happening in this match.

Mourinho said that he waited for Klopp to open up the game, but he never did, as the Portugese admitted that he had no answers for Liverpool’s three-man midfield.

Jurgen Klopp Slams Jose Mourinho for Parking the Bus at Anfield

Klopp said in his post-match media opps that Mourinho only “had wanted a point” while his side “had wanted three points.”

The German didn’t stop there, as he hit out at Mourinho’s tactics.

“It’s not my right to be frustrated,”  Jurgen Klopp said in postgame.

“I’m sure if we would play like this then we could not do it at Liverpool, but obviously in Manchester it’s OK. I don’t judge this, it’s all OK. We have to think about our performance, our situation and it’s not worse. Yes, we wanted to win, 100 percent. We were working for it. All the subs were quite offensive.

“There were a lot of brilliant individual performances in a really difficult game, but again, sometimes to open it you need a bit of luck. First of all, you need to continue working really hard and then, at one point, it will happen.”

An already heated rivalry just get more fuel for the fire today.

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