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Monday, 23 October 2017

How to Clean Your Laptops Screen, Keyboard and Touchpad

Laptops are expensive and easy to break due to this it is important to know how to clean your laptop properly. The three main parts of a laptop that need regular maintenance and cleaning is the touchpad, the screen, and the keyboard. So below are the processes to cleaning all of those important components in a laptop.

Cleaning the Screen -

Obviously, the screen on a laptop is the most delicate component in result it takes extra care and gentleness.

1. First, try to find a 100% cotton cloth this could be a t-shirt or maybe an old rag that you have. Also when cleaning a laptop screen never use a paper towel which is a common mistake for many.

How to Clean Your Laptops Screen, Keyboard and Touchpad

2. Second, find isopropyl alcohol which is the best and cheapest liquid to clean a laptop screen.

3. Third, take the isopropyl alcohol and pour it on the cloth. Then genteelly wipe the laptop screen off removing any smudges or dust.

Cleaning the Keyboard - 

Cleaning a keyboard can be quite an annoying task due to the fact that dust gets in between the keys. It is hard to remove the dust but not impossible with the following cleaning method.

1. Find some microfiber cloth (found at most computer stores) and a can of air duster (also found at most computer plus office stores).

2. Then take the microfiber cloth and gently run across the keyboard making sure not to press any of the keys once done most smudges on the keyboard will be removed.

3. Next, take the can of air duster and hold it at about a 45-degree angle making sure that the air flow will go under the key removing any dust. Also, remember to spray in short burst ensuring that only air will come out with air and not liquid.

Cleaning your Touchpad - 

Over time your touchpad becomes sticky and greasy from whatever is on your fingers this is why it is important to clean your laptop's touchpad on a regular schedule.

1. Try to get a cloth and a bottle of vinegar.

2. Take the cloth and dampen it with a little bit of vinegar then rub the cloth all over the touchpad leaving it clean and smooth.

Now, remember perform these cleaning procedures on your laptop regularly promising a longer living laptop. Bestprogramminglaptop.com can help you discover more about Laptop maintenance.

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  1. Me and my friends in middle school used to joke that Windex was the universal agent solution for everything. We would say "Put some Windex on it". I was experimenting of ways to get the finger prints off my laptop and when I tried Windex it worked!