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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Black Friday: Jumia promises huge discounts (DETAILS)

Black Friday: Jumia promises huge discounts (DETAILS)

In view of the upcoming Black Friday, Jumia Travels has promised huge range of amazing deals and discounts to its customers in Ni­geria and Africa.

Chief Executive Officer of Ju­mia Travels and Foods, Joe Fal­ter, declared this in an interview with The media over the weekend, also revealing that e-commerce in Nigeria has grown to about $13 billion annually.
He also said that Jumia Travels is doing a lot to improve interna­tional travel experience in Nige­ria as it is working on delivering fantastic offers to travellers.


According to him, “Jumia Travels has over 300,000 hect­ares around the world and 30,000 hectares in Africa, so they can find what they want through us. There are going to be great deals so that customers can have discounts on hotels and flights, especially this coming Black Fri­day we have packaged deals to London, New York, Dubai and Lagos great values to people go­ing to these places.”

On the company’s unique selling point for Africa, Fal­ter said that people see vari­ety and convenience in Jumia; “travel has built up in Africa up to 30,000 hectares. Where our competitors have not reached we’re already there. We have prices which in 85 to 95 percent of the cases are the cheap­est in the market.

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