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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Diego Costa continues to refuse Chelsea return (DETAILS)

Diego Costa continues to refuse Chelsea return

All summer long troublesome striker Diego Costa has desperately attempted to force a move away from Chelsea, falling out with manager Antonio Conte in the process. 

Yesterday, he was named in the club’s Premier league squad, but the Telegraph’s sources understand that he is refusing to return.

No indications

Back in June, Costa received a text from Conte saying:

“Hi Diego, I hope you are well. Thanks for the season we spent together.
Good luck for the next year but you are not in my plan.”
Today it’s 2 September, the transfer deadline has passed and Diego Costa remains a Chelsea player.
The Spaniard was even yesterday named in the Blues’ 25 man Premier League squad.
All summer long Diego Costa could be seen partying in Brazil on his Instagram, even wearing an Atlético Madrid top.
Atlético Madrid was the club Cotsa was angling to join, however, the deal never materialized.

Chelsea FC players are back in training for pre-season...

Meanwhile Diego Costa is out partying in an Atlético de Madrid shirt 🐸☕️

On strike

The player is supposedly on strike in Brazil at this current moment in time.
Chelsea have asked Costa to make himself available for selection, but he is yet to give the club answer.
In fact, the club have been unable to get in touch with the 28-year-old all summer-long.

Unfair chance

Part of the reason behind his refusal to return is understood to be his belief that he will not be given a fair chance.
As mentioned, he has fallen out with manager Antonio Conte, who he believes will treat him unfairly.
Currently, lawyers are looking into the situation regarding Diego Costa’s absence.
Meanwhile, Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has made light of the situation by recreating Gerard Pique’s infamous Neymar tweet.

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