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Saturday, 12 August 2017

REVEALED: How Women Manipulate Men

Most girls will not like this post especially the materialistic/ slay queens . Not all women are materialistic and manipulative. There are some real, classy and confident ladies out there.
Only weak men can be easily manipulated and women know it. There are different ways women (sub)consciously check to decide if you're a weak wussy guy they can easily manipulate:

  • If she can gets away with acting like a spoil little girl, being rude or disrespecting you, she'll know you're weak and easily manipulated
  • If she can easily influence you to behave in a certain manner i.e she can get you to behave in a supplicating manner towards her, she'll know you're not a REAL MAN but a weak man she can control and manipulative to achieve her own selfish agenda.

When a woman notice she cannot manipulate you or use her sexual appeal to control you, she'll either hate you (and start avoiding you) OR respect you( and start trying to get your attention).

But here is the problem with most (weak) men, they don't want any woman to hate them or reject them. They want every girl they woo to like and accept them. They want sex from every girl they meet.. And guess what;; when a materialistic/manipulative woman noticed that from you, she smartly take advantage of you. These kind of women will end up wasting your time, MONEY and energy. BE WARNED.

Realistically, a materialistic/manipulative woman can be deceptive. When she encounters a man she can easily manipulate, she'll gives him the wrong impression and make him think she's interested in him. This dude will start catching feelings and start obsessing over her. With that she can easily toy with his emotions and get him to do anything she want. Poor boy. ... (A moment of silence for any guy in that situation right now).

One funny but pathetic thing I have noticed about some guys (especially weak guys) is that they like bossy women. They like a woman who plays too hard to get. They always chase after her online, offline, anywhere they meet her... They try to get her attention. These men tends to assume that women who play hard to get are high quality, good, classy women. Men who are experience with women knows that's not true..
If she's playing too hard to get for you, it's good sign that she might not be interested. Stop wasting your time on her. That same girl is easy to get for another dude somewhere..

Guys be wise.. Even the Bible says a "fool and his money are easily parted"

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