Friday, 11 August 2017

Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5 trailer teases an extremely important reunion

Minutes after the last episode finished, as ever, HBO just posted the trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5, and it seems King Jon has been in contact with Bran. He only discusses what his (sort of) brother told him about the Night King in the trailer, but it is very possible the Three-Eyed Raven had a chance to share the news of Jon's true parentage too.

That said, with Dragonstone being a long way from Winterfell, it is likely Jon and Bran only communicated by raven, which may not be the most personal way to drop the bomb about the babydaddy. Then again, Bran seems very much beyond giving a damn about politeness.

"Bran saw the Night King and his army marching towards Eastwatch," Jon says, joined by Davos, Daenerys, Varys and Tyrion in the Dragonstone war room, corroborating what The Hound saw in the fire and strengthening a theory about the White Walkers crossing a frozen sea.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Daenerys is seen commanding the few Lannister soldiers remaining after episode 4's fiery battle to bend the knee or face death, Tyrion is back on the wine, with Varys advising him 'You need to find a way to make her (Dany) listen', and Cersei is resolute: "Whatever stands in our way we will defeat it."

Davos adds, helpfully: "Bad things are coming." Ain't that the truth.

Watch below:

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