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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Yoruba Group visits Nnamdi Kanu, Pledges Support for Biafra

The agitation for Biafra republic yesterday received a boost as some Yoruba youths declared support for the struggles.

Leader of the group, Eric Oluwale, who con­veyed this position yes­terday when he visited the leader of the Indig­enous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu in his father’s home at Af­araukwu Umuahia, said they have lost confidence in Nigeria.

Biafra Flag

Oluwole, who was in Kanu’s country home with some members of the group said they came to identify with the IPOB leader on his struggles for Biafra restoration.

“The Yoruba nation is behind Kanu on the quest for Biafra republic. We believe in Biafra; we also believe in Oduduwa republic.

“We don’t have con­fidence in the Inspector General of Police for fail­ing to arrest the Arewa youths
who issued quit notice to Ndigbo living in the North. We don’t have confidence in Northern leaders. We don’t have confidence in Nigeria.”

Oluwale said that Yo­ruba youths had firmly resolved to push for Oduduwa Republic be­cause they had discov­ered Nigeria could no longer work together as a united entity.

He said that any eth­nic group in Nigeria that wants to discontinue with the union should be allowed to go.

Oluwale said that the position of Yoruba youths on way forward for Nigeria was either referendum or restruc­turing.

He advised the Federal Government to allow various nationalities agi­tating for self-determina­tion to have their way as any attempt to the con­trary would spell doom for the country.

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