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Friday, 23 June 2017

Rational and Irrational Reasons For Marriage

 Anyone marrying wants to reach a goal. But this is different from one person to the next person. I have to be careful that why we're going to get married. Unfortunately, some of the reasons for getting married are not suitable and can have negative impacts on the marriage of a couple.

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Marriage should be a way to take the outpouring of emotions and positive emotions and beautiful for both women and men, and if it happens that reason, and strong marriages by side for us to have.
Some Reasonable grounds for marriage

  1.  association
  2. Delaram
  3. Support
  4. Having partner
  5. Parenting
  6. Irrational reasons for marriage
  7. Running away from home and alone
  8. Do a relationship
  9. Forced marriage
  10. economic issues
  11. independence
  12. lack of personal
  13. Fix the problem of unemployment
  14. Aging
  15. Escape from the monotony of life
Find a partner to accompany and support, a rationale for marriage
Many times in life we are looking for someone to help us to make progress and to reach perfection. We are looking for someone to get out of difficult living conditions and provide support and security for us. Security is one of the needs of every healthy person should feel its suppliers. Before the marriage of the spouse by doing what he can bring in various fields for your security, talk. Also referred to the need to protect them from the spouse wishes you well, you talk about transparency.
Having a wife Delaram, the best reason to get married
One of the needs that all people are looking for it, need love and affection see. If you're looking to satisfy your need in your marriage, this is a very good step, ending with a partner before marriage should talk about this issue. How about you like you should be loved and love yourself how you talk. Love was written or verbal or in the form of stroking and touching or for practical and do a job for the other side.
Having a partner and parenthood, beautiful reason for marriage
Another demands that healthy people are looking for it, sex is required. Just be careful if your marriage is just sex just because you may or will end really bad for you.
Running away from home and alone, illogical reason for marriage
If only for the sake of your own fix or get rid of the struggles parents have decided to get married, your spouse may have to deal with problems and conflicts. Open your eyes and ears and try to make the right decisions.
Forget a relationship, the worst reasons to marry
Be careful if you have experienced an emotional breakdown or your spouse is a deceased or divorced spouse, you do not get married never to forget this issue. Because as long as you can digest these problems for yourself, your new spouse may constantly compare you to their manager or their old relationship
Independence and personal shortcomings, reason unfit for marriage
Some girls and boys think the marriage of the parents' questions and answers are comfortable and can achieve personal independence. If you need to know marriage is a framework that is more for us if they believe we can have a real life.
Elimination of unemployment, the reason for marriage?
Some people choose to get married to someone in Faye Fahro because they want to be hired in an institution and have the condition of being employed as married so that they do not lose their working conditions and employment. Listen to the bell. It's possible that you may be hired, but you may face conflicts because your spouse has not had meaningful conversations with you before marriage.
If age has gone up and you are ready to get married at all costs, you are digging your grave, my dear.  
Break the monotony of married life
Some people experience a new person to live with, to get married. This decision is very dangerous. The experience could be irreparable.

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