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Sunday, 25 June 2017

"Fulani herdsmen boldly carry guns, act above Nigerian laws"

Fulani with a Gun

Retired Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Udom Ekpoudom, has lamented the audacity of Fulani herdsmen and how they conduct themselves in other people’s territory.

He said their activities across the country totally violate the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“Maliciously damaging the properties of their fellow Nigerians is a criminal offense. They should be arrested and charged for malicious damage which is punishable under the
“To worsen their case, they operate with prohibited fire arms. The police have the right to apprehend them and charge them for unlawful possession of fire arms but they are allowed to move about freely.
“They commit malicious damage and assault, occasioning harm and even killing hundreds of law-abiding citizens, yet they are allowed to walk the streets of this country as if they are operating under a different constitution from the Nigerian constitution.
 “The herdsmen are rearing cows as their business in the north while those of us in the south have cassava, yams and other crops as our business.
“For the herdsmen to direct their cows to feed on other people’s food crops amounts to man’s inhumanity to man”, the former security chief told Vanguard.
Recall that Ekpoudom warned Biafra agitators and Northern youths issuing threats and provocative speeches against Nigeria to slow down."

He noted that while it is easy to speak of violence, such persons will run away if they witness bloodletting on a large scale.

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