Saturday, 20 May 2017

HORROR: Watch the Moment a Bull Charged Into a Home and Destroyed Furniture in the Presence of Family (Video)

A family has been left thoroughly shaken after a bull charged straight into their home and destroyed things inside it.  

A rather scary video has shown the heart-stopping moment a bull being chased through a Spanish street charges straight into a family home.

According to The Sun UK, the shocking incident happened during celebrations for an annual bull-running event known as “La Font de la Figuera” in Valencia.

The huge beast was being goaded by hundreds of runners as part of the traditional festival which sees  
locals and tourists draw on their skills to dodge the bulls.

One man and his family were apparently watching from the doorway of their home alongside the route when a number of the revellers decided to take refuge in the property.

Unfortunately, the canny beast decided to join them for a breather.

According to witnesses, the men tried to slam the front door shut but was unable to do so and the bull charged into the Living room.

The animal is seen destroying furniture and various fixtures with its horns, including some bone china!

People in the house look on in disbelief as the bull stands still for several seconds and then backs himself out of the front door.

Despite the bull’s aggressive state and bulky weight, miraculously no-one was hurt and the people inside, including several teenagers, were able to watch from the balcony as the bull continued its run.

The animal was in the living room for over a minute and is said to have caused considerable damage.

This was the third such incident in a week in Valencia where a bull has charged into a house.

On one of them, a man was seriously gored and needed emergency surgery at a nearby hospital.

Watch the video horrific video below:

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