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Monday, 29 May 2017


Ramadan fasting

"Today being the second day of ramadan, the Kaduna State government of El-Rufai wishes to inform the general public, especially the Christians, to also observe the Ramadan alongside the Muslims. 

"This is to make for peace and harmonious co-existence. The government will not be responsible to the security of any Christian who behaves irresponsibly by eating while Muslims are fasting. 
Last year when a Christian youth tried that in Kakuri, he was attacked and the attackers were not brought to book, because they were incited by the irresponsible behavior of the Christian victims. 
"Christians must understand that eating in the month of Ramadan is hate behavior and incitement as well. Government will not hesitate to arrest those guilty of incitement and hate habits

Editors Note:
Are we really in a democracy? How can a state government be so insensitive as to say something like, and clearly inciting violence against another religion because they are different from yours.
Please Christians in Kaduna be very careful, cos this is really another reason for them to murder Christians.

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