Monday, 6 March 2017

Removing your phone battery without switching it off is damaging the phone - See reason

Do You Know You Damage Your Smartphone By Removing The Battery Before Switching It Off
Most of you are probably guilty of removing your phone's battery before switching it off, Do you know you're killing your smartphone every time you do that??

Here's the reason:

Your smartphone needs you to tell it before hand that you're going to be removing its battery, and the only way to do that is by first switching it off.

Why is this so important??

Every working and current application and system processes needs to be saved and go through the normal shut down process and the only way it does this is when you switch off the device the right way.

Why should you care about switching off the smartphone?

The system makes sure that all your files, folders and works in the phone memory, external memory are properly closed and shut down.

This prevents your files from getting corrupted and solves every problem of a possible malfunction when next you restart your device.

So now you know. Next time, try not to forget switching off your mobile device before taking out the battery.

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