Monday, 16 January 2017

Recession: Parents postpone fees payment as schools resume for new term

The current economic recession in the coun­try is taking a massive toll on operators of private schools in Abuja as some parents are finding it diffi­cult to pay the school fees of their children.

The schools, which re­sumed for second term few days ago, are said to have been bombarded with letters from parents on the need to be given more time to enable them source for the fees of their wards.
The media gath­ered that private schools in the Abuja’s suburbs are the worse hit as some par­ents have even gone as far as transferring their children to public schools.
“I used to have three chil­dren in private school in Kubwa, I was finding it dif­ficult to pay their school
fees and transport fare. There is no money and I have just moved them to a pub­lic school in Dutsen-Alhaji which is closer to my house. We have engaged a private teacher who will also put them through when they are back from school to make up for what they will miss in the private school,” a par­ent, Haruna Ajima, said.
The National President of the National Associa­tion of Proprietors of Pri­vate Schools (NAPPS) and Proprietress of Titsal Glob­al Schools, Abuja, Dr (Mrs) Sally Adukwu-Bolujoko, had recently cried out over the inability of parents to pay the school fees of their children, which has also made the payment of teach­ers salaries difficult.
Her words: “It will be dif­ficult to keep paying sala­ries on the part of private schools as a result of this re­cession.
“Many of my school par­ents don’t have money to pay school fees, I have plenty let­ters begging me ‘please let my child stay’. One called me this morning from Dubai saying look thank God they put me in this trip to Dubai whatever they pay me now is what am leaning on to pay my children’s school fees.
“You hardly know what to do. You can’t chase the chil­dren away. You have human feelings a child doesn’t know what has happened to Nige­ria that the parents can no longer pay school fees, so I just tell them start paying in installment, even if you have N20,000, bring it.”

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